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The packages below are for the Kronos 4 server from Twinstar - Kronos WoW.
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde at $99.95 per 100g (launch price). Price was last updated today, 23rd January 2022 (EU Time).
For Raiders - we can deliver the purchased amount in consumables you need - Flasks, Elixirs, Potions and other items.

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Update: 7th October 2021 - We are finally re-instanting our site after a year of inactivity. Kronos 4 is now supported, and you can buy Kronos 4 Gold from our website.

Update: 23rd April 2019 - Twinstar announced the merge of Hades & Artemis into a single realm called Apollo. You can check for Apollo WoW on our website.

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You can buy WoW Classic Gold for All servers on our website: Gold4Vanilla. Listed below are the North America / Oceania realms. You can find the WoW Classic EU Gold realms on this page.

FAQ - for purchasing Gold, Accounts or Powerleveling for Kronos 1 & 2 WoW

1. How long until i get my gold?

- The only Kronos & Ares PRO gold team, we know you need the gold as fast as possible and that's where we are putting our energy. We will deliver the gold to you as soon we come online and get notified about your order. While a delivery will usually happen after few minutes of your order, please note that sometimes we are afk and it may take some hours before the gold is transfered to you. If we need to contact you regarding your order, we may do so by e-mail, so do check your mailbox too.

2. Is the Kronos & Ares TBC pricing balanced?

- Yes, it is. Kronos is now over 18 months (year and half) old realm with stable economy. For the most part, the price used to be $30+ for 100g, which is a 5x more than it is now. The pricing for Ares will improve as the server progresses. Please note that both Vanilla and Burning Crusade realms are with x1 rates, so farming even 50 gold coins takes considerable effort, unlike playing on servers with higher (x5, x7, x10 or faster rates). The cost for Kronos 3 gold will retain the same pricing methods.

3. How safe is the process?

- We take many steps in order to preserve yours and ours account security even though Kronos's admins don't even like gold trading, buying and selling. We stay behind lots of in-game transfers, and not even a single problem has been reported so far.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- As with the other realms we operate on, you are covered by our refund policy which is: If you don't get your gold within 24 hours of your purchase, simply request your refund on the following email address: We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

What KronosGold Clients Say...

Bought 60 Human Rogue and 1000g

Samuel Pedersen pedersen**** (9th June '18)

Bought a lvl 60 Human Rogue and 1000g for epic mount. Received additional over 200g bonus as promised.

4x Level 30 Kronos3 Accounts

Zakary Nikolet zakki99**** (17th May '18)

We purchased four Level 30 accounts with our friends to get us going. All of them were provided as they were advertised! Thanks KronosGold!

200g traded in Orgrimmar - Kronos 3

Jack Landers landrov**** (26th April '18)

200 gold were traded to me right after i sent my payment. The guy on the chat is very helpful!

Bonuses for every order

Marcel David kronos3**** (13rd March '18)

I love the constant bonuses im getting when i buy gold for Kronos

6000 Kronos Gold every week

Ian Stroumpis stroumpette**** (3rd March '18)

Think i'm KronosGold number 1 buyer. Around 6000g worth of raiding stuff is sent to me on a weekly basis. I love you guys!

Hades gold received

Catherine Dewis cathdw223**** (20th December '17)

I was playing Cataclysm WoW on Atlantiss, but that server was kinda dying. I decided to make the switch to Hades, and the V7 team delivered the gold to me in just 5 minutes. My thanks!

From Elysium to Kronos

Brian Dew brickbar***** (17th October '17)

came here from Elysium, I'm always using V7 Gaming for my WoW needs on the private servers

8000 gold in one month

José Campos buscajose***** (7th August '17)

8000 gold received in the past month, 4 orders in total. Gracias <3

3x level 60 accounts

Jan-Hendrik Pedersen 21jani**** (20th May '17)

My and my friends buyed 3 level 60 accounts from - The accounts were as described, and the KronosGold team assisted us on several other ocassions where help was needed

Kronos gold post-server merge

Christopher Parrow chrisparr**** (16th March '17)

I was a little bit scared that my character won't be transfered once the realms merge. I can confirm that it's all good today - gold received, thank you!

Can't wait for the server merge!

Michael Swartz mike.swar3**** (14th March '17)

Buying a solid amount of gold before the marge. Can't wait for it!

Kronos is Enjoyable

Thomas Brickey tombrick3**** (5th February '17)

I find Kronos more enjoyable than the other vanilla servers. Thanks for making gold buying so smooth!

New Year's Eve Delivery

Alexis Everett alexa*** (1st January '17)

KronosGold was available to deliver my order on New Year's Eve kek...

Returning every week

Steve Larsson steve1322*** (20th November '16)

Even though i want to stop purchasing gold, week upon week i find myself returning to this website haha :))

Impressed with Kronos 2

Rhys Hall hallyrhie*** (15th October '16)

I am sincerely impressed with Kronos 2. Recently started there, but figured i would need some help. The gold and powerleveling i purchased advanced me easily to the best parts of the game!

Love the cheap gold for Kronos

Chase Ebner chaseeb27*** (29th September '16)

Return buyers like me notice solid discounts like this. Love this cheap Kronos gold - it makes the gameplay much more fun and enjoyable :P

Ever since the new realm was opened

Vetle Raucci demoniac***** (2nd September '16)

I started playing on the new realm when it was opened. I am using ever since for all of my gold needs. At the moment i have 6 extremelly well geared characters thanks to Kronosgold!

750g for fast mount

Stuart O'Reilly demoniac***** (19th August '16)

That 750g package allowed me to easily obtain the fast mount

750g for fast mount

Stuart O'Reilly ore818*** (19th August '16)

That 750g package allowed me to easily obtain the fast mount

Again and again

Andy Schnick shnickie*** (2nd August '16)

Time and time again i use KronosGold for my different Kronos needs

Love Kronos 2

Karolina Jass caroline1***** (5th July '16)

I love the new server but it is so hard to farm there. Thank you guys!

Several 500g packages

Jean Camacho c.jea***** (17th June '16)

Bought several 500g packages for Kronos 1 :) :) :)

50g order for Kronos 2

Xavier Uribes xavico**** (25th April '16)

Was quickly serviced with 50g on Kronos II

x7 - fast leveling without gold

Meyer Aaron art55mayi**** (15th March '16)

Not keen on buying gold, but i leveled 40 warrior fast, so i had to buy 100 for mount :P

Quick Service

Stephany Desy stefica**** (21th February '16)

They were quick to service me with 100g on the horde side

Quick Service

Stephany Desy stefica**** (20th February '16)

They were quick to service me with 100g on the horde side

Swift & Easy

Björn Karlsson karl20bj**** (16th February '16)

Purchased 2x 500g packages for my epic mount. Swift & Easy!

Over 2K purchased so far

Matthew Thornton**** (16th October '15)

On several occassions, i bought 500g. Timely and safe delivery, each time. Many thanks for the great service!

Bought 200g package

Ethan Conway eth******** (7th October '15)

Hey, Thanks very much. Do you want me to leave some feedback somewhere? I'm impressed with your service. Regards,

Easy Trade

Matthew Thornton**** (25th June '15)

Smooth, easy trade - bought 400 gold for my Horde toon.

Safety & Security

Jarek Åsen asenospr*** (23th June '15)

Got a quick boost 30-50 when my work demanded of me to be offline. Legit service, looking forward to buying gold from you.

Brilliant - very satisfied!

Stephane Sorensen j.wow2*** (21th June '15)

Brilliant. Got my gold in 20 mins - heads up!

Hardcore Vanilla WoW Player

Aaron Coopman**** (17th June '15)

I feel lucky whenever i see the same team providing their services on every vanilla server i chose to play. They never missed an order!

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