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Update: 21th May 2017 - Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Our team was a bit busy with the latest Outland TBC server, but from now on will be focusing exclusively on Kronos farming. While most of the farmers have spread to different Legacy WoW realms, we remain pretty stable, but have hard time to farm as good as before. Because of that reason, the price of the Kronos gold will surely go up soon.

Update 16th March 2017: Kronos 1 and Kronos 2 are finally merged, after the first announcement back in December 2016. Our site is still providing gold, account and powerleveling services for the new merged Kronos WoW! Due to the increased interest, our prices might go a bit on the upper side soon!

Update 29th September 2016: New super-price established for both realms. Six months have passed since Kronos 2 was released, and our pricing for both realms can finally be equalized. 100g now costs $11.99 for KR1 and KR2!

Update 10th September 2016: Many in-game spammers have appeared that are spamming the trade channels and sending whispers to players with their gold offers. Be careful, the majority of them are being tracked and suspended (GMs can track their connection with you), and the 0ko ones are hacking into accounts.

Update 7th September 2016: Prices lowered for both realms. 100g now costs $14.99 on Kronos1 and $19.99 on Kronos2 .

Update 15th August 2016: Additional packages enabled for both realms.

Update 7th June 2016: We now offer discounted prices (around 50%) for both realms.
The past month was a huge farming month for us. We stockpiled a lot of gold for each Kronos realm and we are now providing it at 50% discounted rate. Note: There were reports of account suspensions for people who were buying from in-game spammers (O KO or something) - these sellers get tracked, be careful!

Update 14th May 2016: Kronos 2 launched, packages for Kronos 1 updated.
Twinstar kept their promise and launched Kronos II in April, now a full server like the original one. Since the x7 XP rate is now over, we lowered our prices for Kronos I and enabled additional packages (25g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g & 500g respectively).
Kronos 2 was launched in April 2016. Basically, a safe heaven for Nostalrius "refugees" after the realm was put down. Just like the original Kronos, it's overcrowded and since it is a fresh server, the pricing is higher than the first one, until things settle down.

Update 21th February 2016: Pricing updated.
Due to the recent server changes (x7 XP rates until March 31th), the server became overcrowded and our gold stocks were drained quickly. Gold has become very difficult to be farmed, so we have increased the prices until the economy settles out. Until the server economy becomes stable again, we will be offering limited packages of 25, 50 & 100 gold only.

Kronos 1 was launched in March 2015. Say freely, a server without flaws, though it had it's ups and downs because it was launched only one month after Nostalrius. With Nosta gone, almost everyone jumped on the Kronos bandwagon.

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